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SmartLipo (laser liposuction) is on the cutting edge of liposuction technology today. SmartLipo is a minimally invasive surgical method that provides the patient with less downtime and better results after just one treatment. Dr. ABBAS CHAMSUDDIN is an expert in this procedure and has had consistent, excellent results. CLIS uses the latest and most unique SmartLipo equipments.

Minimaly Invasive

Immediate Results

Sexy Forever

How it Works

SmartLipo uses high-powered lasers to melt fat cells through the skin to achieve dramatic results. The laser's high energy breaks down and liquefies the fat cells making them easy to suction out. While contouring the body, the power of the laser also stimulates the skin and promotes new collagen growth for firmer skin (neocollagenesis) thereby reducing skin dimpling; hence, also alleviating unwanted cellulite... Laser usage causes surrounding blood vessels to close (coagulate) on contact, thereby promotes less bleeding, swelling and bruising. Risks are lessened and the procedure is therefore considered to be extremely safe and effective.

Appliance & Length

SmartLipo (laser liposuction) can treat many body areas with unwanted fat such as: chin, neck, upper arms, male breasts, abdomen, love handles, back, buttocks, thighs, ankles and knees. Most patients usually require only one SmartLipo treatment. The session length varies from 45 minutes to 1 hour for each area to be treated.


SmartLipo results are visible immediately; and the patient's body shape will continue to improve over a period of several months. SmartLipo promotes tissue coagulation resulting in tissue tightening. One of the greatest benefits of SmartLipo is that it provides long lasting results. 


The fat cells that are removed will not grow back. However, if you gain weight in the future, the fat will be distributed elsewhere on the body. As such, it’s important to be committed to a healthy diet and exercise regimen before having a liposuction procedure at CLIS Beirut, to ensure that you’re able to maintain your fit new figure for years to come.



  • Reduce heavy jowls + a double chin
  • Reveal contoured inner + outer arms
  • Smooth fatty bulges on the hips and buttocks
  • Create slim + fit thighs
  • Remove unwanted fat from the knees
  • Sculpt shapely calves and ankles


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